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"DDSO Mastery" Is An Online Training Course That Provides A Step-by-Step Approach To Innovating Private Practice Dentistry, Building Cash-Flow Portfolios, and Transitioning To Freedom...
Why DDSO Mastery?
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Dentists from all over the country travel to my events and pay thousands of dollars to hear me speak about the very principles covered in "DDSO Mastery" and my book "Transition Time".

I have seen the impact that this knowledge has made for me over 20+ years of practice as well as those that I have mentored along the way. I commonly got asked to provide more training and a more "in-depth" approach to these methods.

Out of these countless requests was where DDSO Mastery was born. 

If you are looking to make your "Transition To Freedom" then look no further than DDSO Mastery!
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Because I am so confident that the material inside of DDSO Mastery is so valuable, I am willing to offer you the chance to access the first 4 modules of the course absolutely FREE.

If you enjoy these 4 modules, simply join the DDSO Mastery course to unlock the rest of the modules. 

It's as simple as that!

Also, I find an immense amount of satisfaction helping other dentist just like yourself to make the transition to freedom.

You have nothing to lose!

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What Other Happy Dentists Think...
"It's easy to get around those common 'walls' that we as dentists run up against with more information"
Dr. Steve Williams, DDS
"The biggest thing that sticks out to me about the DDS Alliance and Brady Frank, is the focus on the dentist"
Dr. Lane Harris, DDS
"Everyone knows that you always learn more when you actually take action... and that is what Brady is all about"
Dr. Calvin Bessonet, DDS
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Transition Time
How To Convert Practice Ownership To Profit And Cash Flow In The Dental Practice: Through A DDSO Blueprint
This book was designed to give you information and strategies that will produce the biggest business impact on your practice/group immediately.
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