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Why DDSO Mastery?
Dentists from all over the country travel to my events and pay thousands of dollars to hear me speak about the very principles covered in "DDSO Mastery" and my book "Transition Time".
I have seen the impact that this knowledge has made for me over 20+ years of practice as well as those that I have mentored along the way. I commonly got asked to provide more training and a more "in-depth" approach to these methods.
Out of these countless requests was where DDSO Mastery was born. 
If you are looking to make your "Transition To Freedom" then look no further than DDSO Mastery!
Example DDSO Structuring
Just A Few Stories From Dentists Who Have Mastered DDSO Strategy Concepts or are well on their way
"Hey Brady, It worked!  So glad I did the blueprint and joined the alliance.  Have gone from $200K/mo average to $378K last month!  Dropped my overhead from 63% to 48% with implant savings and double the number of FFS new patients!  Just doubled my second location and got back $35K in tax credits!"
– Dr. Steve Macannaney, Lake Taxoma, TX
"Brady's techniques for Total Dental Freedom helped me create the Clinical Freedom, Lifestyle Freedom and Financial Freedom I had been seeking for years.  He and his team will help you achieve your goals quickly while having fun in the process!"
– Dr. KJ Sturhahn, Buffalo Prairie Dental, Illinois
"Within 3.5 months of our first call with Brady we sorted through 30 practices for sale, placed letters of intent to purchase 5 of them, closed on 2 last week and 3 more later this month.  We used multiple DDSO Strategies and are on a FastTrack to Total Dental Freedom.  Thanks Brady and Team!"
– Dr. Brett Hildebrand, Mississippi
"Went from 6-8 implants per month, to 40-50 implants per month and and have fallen in love with dentistry again. Bought a second location to keep up!  Doubled my NET and have Total Dental Freedom."
– Dr. Calvin Bessonet, DDS, Founding Faculty :
Listen to 6 dentists who recently attended the 1 hour virtual event or 2-day Live event.  "Most profitable we had ever been in our entire history as a practice: Reduce overhead, pay less in taxes, increase NP flow, cut back clinical days, enjoy TDF!"
– Dr. Emily Stopper et al.  West Jefferson, NC
"Achieved Total Dental Freedom within a few months of the initial call with Brady.  In that time I eliminated $1.4M of debt, added 2 more investment practices with real estate, cut back from 4 to 2 days per week doing the procedures I love and am having the time of my life in dentistry with multiple streams of income and tax savings!"
– Dr. Ken Ness, Dassel, Minnesota
"Listen to the exact process to receive between $30K and $100K in R & D Tax Credits immediately.  As part of our clinical board of advisors for the Implant Institute or Aligner Institute you are eligible for tax credits every year. "
– Dr. Steve Macananney just received $35K in R & D Tax Credits as Faculty
"After going through the Blueprint Process and being a part of the Alliance, Not only do I now have my own clear Aligner 3D printing center with 4 printers, but I also have invested in multiple location is multiple states. It is now my goal to teach hundreds of dentists my key principles of clear aligner success as a Founding Faculty Member of the DDS Aligner Institute. "
– Dr. Kevin Ison, DMD, MS Orthodontist and DDSO owner Ohio, Missouri and Arizona.  Founding Faculty Member:
"Brady Frank is a freak genius and one of Dentistry's Unicorns!"
– Dr. Howard Farran, Dentistry Uncensored 2016
Opportunities with Brady Frank: Build Your Own Adventure!
DDSO Mastery Online Course
Discover your best future in dentistry by exploring the top strategies used by the most successful practices and groups. Topics include: How to Add Additional Doctors and Locations to Your Practice WITHOUT the Anxiety of Debt, Staffing Headaches and Administrative Burden, Equity Harvesting and paying the least amount of taxes, 5 techniques to acquiring value-added practices at wholesale prices and terms, how to eliminate the associate windmill.  How to achieve TOTAL DENTAL FREEDOM: A combination of clinical, lifestyle and financial freedom.  
Use Latest Scanning, 3D Printing, Ortho-Planning and Delivering of Clear Aligners and Save Big Time and Money.
How much are you paying in clear aligner ortho case planning and aligner fees!  Learn how to vastly reduce your aligner overhead and increase profits all while creating a more streamlined clear aligner side of your practice.  Learn how you can turn your 3D scanner into the most profitable MOBILE piece of equipment you own and create PASSIVE income working your way toward TOTAL DENTAL FREEDOM.  Start 2X to 5X the number of clear aligner cases per month using the Magnetic Aligner Funnel using inexpensive paid FaceBook ads.  This Funnel was discovered by accident and top aligner practices are seeing dozens more clear aligner new patients per month.  Just click here for free information video and registration information. (
Build the Implant Side of Your Practice Using the Secrets That the Very Best and Biggest Practices in the US Have Mastered 
The Implant Mastery Online Training Course that Provides A Step-by-Step Approach To Entirely Transform the Implant Side of Your Practice.   Our implant manufacturing facilities of 18 years expanding through the addition of another 30,000 sf was a huge success and tribute to private practice dentistry in the US today.  The course dives deep into top clinical, marketing and procedural strategies.  Yes, the course will dovetail with the types of activities that help dentists qualify for the average $30K to $100K in R & D Tax Credits available! 
How To Convert Practice Ownership To Profit And Cash Flow In The Dental Practice: Through A DDSO Blueprint
These books were designed to give you information and strategies that will produce the biggest business impact on your practice/group immediately.
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